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(Zophobas morio)

A Bearded Dragon's Favorite!

Another excellent pet food source. Superworms are the larvae of a beetle and are loaded with protein. Superworms are approximately 2" long, have a soft body and a super long life span. Our Superworms are sold by the bulk of 250's 500's or 1000's.

Bulk Superworms should be stored in a plastic box at room temperature. Feed only small bits of vegetable matter, but not more than they will eat in a day.

Please note that we sell a measured volume of superworms and do not count them, you may get more or you may get less.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not refrigerate Superworms. It will kill them.

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Thank you SO much for the way you packaged my super worms! That was SO NICE to be able to just lift out the mesh bag and dump them into my container rather than chasing them down inside the box with egg crates (how someone else shipped them to me. I'll never do business with them again, anyway, after they charged me almost $20.00 in shipping. I could have doubled my order here for what they charged me!) Thanks again for that great way of packing, I really appreciated it. E. G
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I just wanted to tell you guys that I have ordered crickets and superworms from you guys three times now and I am so happy with your service. There is minimal death during shipping and the crickets are so healthy that I rarely have any die off. You guys are the best. I would highly recommend your service! Feel free to use my quotes...... I love your service! Thanks! Carla Sewell
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Happy with the superworms as well as the crickets. Lots of money saved if you just remember to order everything you need before you run out(and have to spend a lot more money at the box store).
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Been ordering superworms and crickets from this website for about 5 years now, and they never disappoint!
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I've been a customer for over a year now and I've always received great quality feeders with little to no DOA's I recommend everyone to give y'all a try wether it be for feeders or even fishing. Thank you for always providing great quality feeders packaging and customer service!
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gotdubias isn't in Florida
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i just got to say i ordered 1000 large mealworms a few weeks ago and then when to try and order some more and accidently ordered from florida and really messed up because they sent me the really small mealworms although they sent 1600 so this week i ordered 1000 superworms last night i hope they are packed like the large worms i ordered a few weeks ago i will never order from gotdubias.com again
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