4,000 Medium Mealworms

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(Tenebrio molitor)

Hot Weather Shipping

If your day time temperatures are hot, consider having your package shipped to a FedEx Customer Center.  The FedEx trucks get quite hot during the day and can cook your worms.  If you ship your order to the FedEx Customer Center,  they will hold your order until you come and pick it up.  The chances of dead worms will be minimized.

When you check out your order, fill out the "Ship To" address with the address of the FedEx Customer Center.  Make sure you put in your correct phone number so the center can contact you once it arrives.

Please note, FedEx will only deliver a Priority Overnight package to a FedEx Customer Center.  FedEx will not deliver a Ground Home Delivery package to a FedEx Customer Center.

Medium Mealworms, a fish bait and pet food source, is high in protein and have an excellent shelf life. Mealworms are sold in bulk 250's, 500's, and 1000's.

Medium Mealworms should be stored in a bedding of our worm chow. Changing it when dust is all that's left and they should be fed small bits of vegetable matter. For storing mealworms for longer periods, they can be refrigerated at a temperature of 45 degrees and they will go dormant. However, they should be taken out once a week, allowed to warm up and be fed.

Our Mealworms are raised in a custom blend of bedding that contains nutrients, proteins, over 50 vital minerals, and calcium supplement. We also provided fresh vegetables daily to further improve quality, creating the best feeder available. After the Mealworms have grown to the expected size, they are placed into cold storage to reduce/suspend activity and any consumption of nutrients.

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