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Bearded Dragon Variety Feeder Package 75 Medium Mealworms

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Dubia Roaches

10 Butter Worms or 75 Medium Mealworms

Add Weather Protection (temps below 50 or above 80)

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Have a Bearded Dragon but not sure what food to feed?  Why not try our Variety Feeder Package?  It consists of:

  • Live Crickets - You choose the size and quantity
  • Live Small Dubia Roaches - You choose the size and quantity
  • 100 Live Repti Worms - the daily vitamin worm
  • 75 Live Medium Mealworms- another protein worm or 10 Butter Worms- great source of calcium.
  • 50 Live Superworms - another protein worm
  • 50 Live Waxworms - a treat at the end of the day

All animals like a little variety in their diet.  Give your Dragon a treat with our new Variety Package. 

Specially designed to fit nicely in a single box to reduce your shipping cost.
These roaches are attractive feeders as they don't climb or fly. Depending on the temperature you keep your roaches, they can achieve adult stage in 3 to 5 months and live up to another 5 months.

Since the Dubia Roach is a live bearer, they multiply very rapidly. The adult male Dubia Roach has wings where the female does not.

No Dubia Roaches will be shipped to Florida.

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I live in Alabama. I ordered this feeder package for my Bearded Dragon Lewie on Thursday and received it on Friday!! Great Packing of insects and WHAT A DEAL FOR THE PRICE!!! Everything arrived alive and active. I will be ordering again. Thanks so much! Tracey and Lewie
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SO worth it - only reason I gave it 4 instead of 5 was because tox the crickets came in- as soon as I opened it the crickets came flying out! wish there was a screen or something to keep them from jumping at my face haha! Maybe its just me because its my first time recieving crickets in the mail just watch out! Amazing selection, great shipping (wish shipping was a little cheaper but I understand) but everything arrived active and alive and great sizes! very satisfied
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You Guys Rock!! I have been buy my crickets in bulk from a chain pet store like many others, but always are having to deal with worms and beetles. My beardie does NOT LIKE!! When I receieved your box of 1000, they all arrived in perfect healthy condition and Yoshi and I couldnt be happier! Thank you very much! Cassie and Yoshi :))
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I was so incredibly impressed with the quality of these insects. My dragon is loving everything in this kit. This is something I will be purchasing again. I have yet to find a dead one of anything. That may be because I picked it up from their warehouse but still I am thoroughly impressed. Not to mention, the customer service is even better than the already outstanding products they have. The customer service I received went above and beyond any I have ever encountered. They went out of their way to help me out on a few things and I cannot be more appreciative. Great people and they run an amazing business.
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