Freeze Dried Insect Medley

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Introducing All New Freeze Dried Insect Medley! A combination of Crickets, Superworms and Black Soldier Fly Larvae!

Tired of the work live insects take to keep them alive. Sick of the smell?

Look No further for our newest product! Our Freeze Dried Insect Medley!

All The Protein without the care! Due to the dry roasting process all the nutrients of the crickets are kept and in some cases enhanced! 

Dry Roasted Crickets have a 6 month shelf life in comparison to a 8 week life of a living cricket! Freeze Dried Superworms have a 12 month shelf life in comparison to a 3 month life span of a living superworms and Freeze dried black soldier fly larvae has a 6 month shelf life in comparison to 3-4 weeks for live soldier fly larvae.

The only care needed for the insect medley is to leave them in a dry cool place. Since they are dry roasted there is no moisture which can cause mold or bacteria to grow.

These are a great alternative to live insects but always we recommend to have a varied diet for animals for a happy and healthy life

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