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Chances are you heard about Phoenix® Worms from a friend, saw them at a reptile show, read about them on a reptile forum or saw our ads in Reptiles Magazine. However you got here, we're glad you dropped by to check us out. And if you decide to order a few cups for your pet, they will soon be thanking you, too, because HERPS GO NUTS OVER PHOENIX WORMS!

In development and tested by breeders since 2000, Phoenix Worms were introduced at the Daytona National Reptile Breeders Expo in 2005. They were deemed "the most exciting thing at the show" by Jon Coote, Chairman of the International Herpetological Society and Director of Research & Development for T-Rex Products. We were also mighty proud when 760 PETCO store managers voted Phoenix Worms #3 Best New Product out of 1000 products reviewed at their national meeting!

Phoenix Worms are the only calcium-rich feeder with the perfect balance of calcium and phosphorus, 1.5:1. This natural balance means that Phoenix Worms can be a staple in your pet's diet. Breeders report that hatchlings that are fed PWs right from the start are more than 30% larger than their clutch mates after just a few weeks! They also note higher activity levels and brighter colors for the babies that were fed PWs.

The Phoenix Worm is a good, nutritious live food for reptiles that is naturally high in calcium.



Why should you consider adding Phoenix Worms to your pet's diet?

  • High calcium content - 23 to 60 times more than any other feeder insect
  • Stays fresh in the cup they are shipped in for weeks at room temperature (just add up to 10 drops of water to the non-food packing media if the Phoenix Worms become dehydrated)
  • No feeding necessary
  • No odor or noise
  • Extremely active - easily noticed by your pet.

We considered adding either the Silk Worm or Phoenix worm to our product line.  Both have the attraction of a soft shell and high calcium content.  We choose the Phoenix worm because of the overall ease of keeping.  Their cost per worm is a little more higher than other worms, but deliver more value (in terms of nutrition) than any other worm on the market.

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As for my dragons, they absolutely love Phoenix Worms. My female, Mindy is going nuts over them. Moreso even than she did when I introduced her to silkworms. This is a big thing because she really likes to chase her food, and the fact that she likes these so much tells me how really good they are. She has started jumping onto my hand when I open her cage to feed her, as she wants to watch me prepare her dish. It's really quite comical.

A bit of background for you, Mindy is my breeder. She has been getting progressively skinnier over the last few years because she never fully recovers from egg laying. A few weeks ago, just before I recieved the Phoenix Worms, I found her emaciated and dehydrated. Her "fat pads" were sunken into her head and she was very lethargic. It happened almost overnight... as I had been checking on her daily because she was recovering from pinworms. It has been 3 weeks since I found her in that condition, and while she is still quite skinny, she has regained her energy, her fat pads, and best of all, her personality. I am confident that in a few weeks, she will be back to her normal weight again, and she will live out her remaining years as a wonderful pet.

Peg Leg, my baby who is missing both front legs, stands up like a kangaroo on his hind legs to go after Phoenix Worms. It is the cutest thing I have ever seen. This little guy is quite active and healthy, but not growing at all. I think he realizes that if he grows, he won't be able to stand up anymore. He watches intently as I prepare his bowl of worms, and jumps off his basking rock to land next to the bowl. He is shorter than the sides fo the bowl, so he has to lean back and prop his upper body on the edge of the bowl... then he uses his tail to balance and *snap* *snap*... a bunch of Phoenix Worms are gone. Phoenix Worms have become a part of his life, and I am thankful for them.

Thanks for all you have done,

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I have a veiled chameleon that was very ill with metabolic bone disease when I got him. Two vets told me that he was unlikely to survive. As soon as I started feeding him Phoenix Worms his health improved greatly. It's amazing how much better his color and strength are.

Best of all, he's put on weight and is active and happy. My turtles LOVE them, too.

Thank you SO much!! Also, I'm so happy that I can order them directly. They last so long that I still have some left, but I'll need more soon.

--Rachele Ottens, New Paltz, N.Y.
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I am still very pleased with your service and prices. However my inquiry is about the phoenix worms. I'm my previous order (#43376) I purchased several cups of large worms. The black ones seem to die off at an alarming rate while it seems none of the white/beige worms die at all.
Is this common? Or what can I do to keep them alive longer? I've had to separate them and keep the white ones stored while feeding the black ones first...... I don't have a wine cooler but I keep them in a cupboard that stays relatively cool as we are in the pocono mountains.

Independent Lake Camp

The Phoenix worm goes through a process of calcification. As they age and get darker, they calcify. As they calcify, they slow down.

The matter that is in the cup is designed to prevent the worm from morphing into a soldier fly.

So, the worm will continue to get darker until it eventually dies - a natural process.

If you think you want to keep the worms for a while, get the medium sized phoenix worms.

If you think you will feed them off fairly quickly, get the large ones and feed off before they calcify too much.


Michael Houtzager
Premium Crickets
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I received my order of small Phoenix Worms yesterday and fed them to my Crested gecko hatchlings. A few picky eaters ended up with very round bellies. I couldn't be happier with your product. I'm sure I will be ordering some of the larger ones soon as the adults took to them as well and I can't say no to their silly faces.

Have a great day and thank you for a nutritious, easy meal for my beloved friends.

--Mandy Kiser, Virginia Beach, VA
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I was planning on getting back to you this week about my samples, it's really too good to be true, I had planned on posting on Herpcenter and directing you there but I won't have time to do it justice until I can get some pics of the results.

Anyways my dartfrogs had developed MBD from their previous care giver probably due to expired supplements, I was trying everything to correct it and was scared of Ca toxicity.

Nothing seemed to be working. I started to incorporate some phoenix worms dusted with herptivitive multivitamin and within a few days the problems were correcting themselves.

I'll attach some pics of the MBD problems and when I get the thread at HC up with before and afters I'll send you a link.
Thank you for introducing me to these feeders! I'll always have a backup, not only are they nutritional, they're no maitanance and a perfect emergency feeder in case of culture crashes.

Thanks again, Cody Wiggen
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My beardie lovesss these worms! I also ordered wax worms for treats!! they all came alive and the packaging is so awesome! those worms traveled far and made it here in excellent condition! thank you guys so much! i will be buying from here more often!
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We ordered the phoenix worms to try for their high nutritional value. Our beardies, Worf and Vincent eat them like candy. We are pleased with the results. Will be ordering more Very Soon!!!!!!
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We have a baby bearded dragon and a baby veiled chameleon, and they loved the Phoenix Worms as soon as they tried them. I think the worms are a great addition to their cricket diet. No matter how much I fed crickets to our chameleon, he still looked sickly, but after mixing in the worms he now has a very round belly! The worms are also great for growing baby reptiles because of their size. I'm going to be ordering a lot more of these, thats for sure
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