Terms and Conditions

Please read carefully. Our goal is to get live product to you so you remain a happy customer.

Shipping live product is challenged by strong heat and cold temperatures - we have very little problems in mild to moderate temperatures. During extreme hot, or cold weather, we advise that you ship your worms and crickets via FedEx Air to a Fedex Customer Center and pick them up yourself.  To find a location of a Fedex Customer Center, click here.  Put the address of the Fedex Customer Center in the "Ship To" address when you check out your order.

Crickets that sit outside in the direct sunlight do not do very well. Please make sure someone is home during the delivery day. If no one can be home, please have the crickets delivered to your place of work.

Fedex will not leave a package at an apartment location without a signature. They will leave your package at a work or home location.

If there is a problem with your order, please call us within 1 day of the receipt at 234 PET-FOOD and/or email support@premiumcrickets.com to make arrangements for a replacement.

We reserve the right to determine if we will make a replacement shipment to you in the event of DOA or add more crickets at no charge to your next order.

We reserve the right to add winter packing and charge you $2.00 if your temperatures are 50 or below at night. If you pay with PayPal we will not add winter packing to your shipments.


Once an order is placed, it cannot be refunded.

We ship Monday-Thursday with Fedex from Georgia depending on your location. We only ship to one day zones on Friday. These locations are GA and SC. Check out our online specials to get new deals weekly! 

Live Worms and Crickets tend to die in a warehouse if they sit over the weekend. All guaranteed shipments will be released to shipping only if the package can avoid the weekend wait.

If your shipment is damaged in transit, DO NOT REFUSE A SHIPMENT! Please accept the shipment and call us to make other arrangements.  If you ship your package back to us, we will incur an additional charge from Fedex and YOUR GUARANTEE WILL BE VOID WE WILL NOT REPLACE OR REFUND YOUR ORDER. PLEASE CALL WITHIN 24 HOURS IF YOU RECEIVE A DOA OR GUARANTEE WILL BE VOID.

Shipping chart to determine if your order will ship
if placed before 2:00 EST

Live Insects Mon. Tue. Wed. Thu. Friday
Ground Yes Yes Yes Yes* No
2nd Day Air Yes Yes Yes No No
Next Day Air Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Dry Goods (No Live Products)          
Ground/Home Delivery Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
2nd Day Air Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Next Day Air Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes


* Only for Ground orders that can arrive at a residential home by Saturday. No Businesses on Thursday for Ground or 2nd Day Air.

Cut-off time for same day shipping is 2:00 Eastern Standard Time.

What does Shipping Cost?

Add item to the shopping cart and click on

Live Delivery Guarantee

We have a 24 hour notification window from the time you receive your package! If its after hours or on the weekend, please email us at support@premiumcrickets.com and we will see it as soon as we reopen for business. Failure to do so voids the live delivery guarantee! We only guarantee insects that are ordered of a quantity 500 or above, have the correct weather protection (if needed) and shipping method per temperatures. If you order a smaller amount and they arrive dead, we will add insects to your next order to compensate for your loss. We reserve the right to determine if we will make a replacement shipment to you in the event of DOA or add more crickets at no charge to your next order. The good news is we only have to reship .5% of our orders We reserve the right to determine if we will make a replacement shipment to you in the event of DOA or add more insects at no charge to your next order. Please check below prior to placing an order to ensure you are allowing your insects a safe travel.

FedEx Delays, Damages and Refusals

Whatever happens to your order, whether it arrives damaged, delayed or dead, do not refuse the package! FedEx will charge our company $15 to ship the product back to us. This charge will be passed on to you and we reserve the right to deny any reshipments to you. So do not refuse your shipment by any means! As a customer you are not the only person who can reject the order. Apartment Complex offices can refuse the package if they deem it not allowed in the complex. If you live in an apartment please check with the office first! Also, FedEx can also refuse the shipment at their ship centers or FedEx office and print stores. Office and print stores will refuse your shipment, do not ship their! If you ship to a FedEx Ship Center only use express services provided (FedEx 2 day Air, Standard Overnight and Priority Overnight). We have been using FedEx for some time now with relatively good success. If your shipment is delayed for any reason after we shipped the package, your best bet is to contact FedEx directly and provide them your tracking number. If FedEx can determine it was an error on their end and not “an act of god” (your order got stuck because of snow for example) we will make sure we will do everything in our power to rectify your issue! From time to time FedEx can accidently damage a package. Don’t worry we have you covered! As long as you do not refuse the package we will replace what you lost (we reserve the right to determine at the time whether it is to add the missing items to your next order or reship the items).

Weather Restrictions

If your temperatures are very hot or very cold you can reduce the risk of receiving dead product. Think about shipping your insects to a FedEx Ship Center (do not ship to office and print centers as they have the right to refuse your shipment). To find your nearest ship center there is an option for you to select the nearest Ship Center at the time of placing your order. Your order will avoid the hot trip in the FedEx van and FedEx will call you when they arrive. If your order is shipped via FedEx Ground or Home Delivery, FedEx will refuse the shipment at the ship center and will be returned to us. We will not replace or refund these orders.

Normal Weather Shipping

When the temperature is above 50 degrees at night and below 80 degrees during the day, we rarely have any problems with shipping. In the rare event that your insects do arrive all dead, email us at support@premiumcrickets.com (remember to take pictures) and we will immediately work on rectifying your issue. As long as you are in the parameters of the temperature requirements we will happily reship your order and all you will pay is the $4.95 processing charge. If part of your live delivery arrives dead, we will compensate by adding free live products to your next order.

Hot Weather Shipping

If your temperature is above 80 degrees in the day, we will ship your order but there will be no guarantee if shipped via FedEx Ground or Home Delivery. If daytime temperatures are between 80 and 85 degrees, your order will be guaranteed if shipped Standard overnight with weather protection. If daytime temperatures are between 85 and 90 degrees your shipment will only be guaranteed if shipped via FedEx Priority Overnight with weather Protection. Once daytime temperatures exceed 90 degrees there is no live arrival guarantee under any circumstances.

Cold Weather Shipping

Insects live within a given temperature range. If the temperature is too cold they will die. During cold weather spells, you can add Weather Protection to your shipment. The cost of the weather packaging is $3.00 per item for the packaging. During the ordering process you'll have the opportunity to select the Weather Protection option. If the transit temperature is below 50 degrees at night choose weather protection to receive the guarantee. If the transit temperature in your area is between 40 and 30 degrees at night, choose the weather protection and FedEx Priority Overnight shipping service if you want the guarantee. If your night time temperatures drop below 25 degrees there is no Guarantee in any circumstance. When Insects get too cold they go dormant. Before calling please ensure they have been acclimated to warmer temperatures for at least 3 hours (try to avoid heat lamps as they tend to dry out the dormant crickets and cook them). A lot of times this is all that is needed to spring them back into life.

Shipping Your Orders

Shipping to a PO Box

Only the Post Office can ship to a PO Box. Since we don't use the Post Office as a shipper, we cannot ship to PO Boxes. It is your responsibility to put in the correct shipping address. We need a physical address.

Incorrect Addresses

If you put in an incorrect address and we ship, FedEx will try to find the correct address and make the correction. FedEx will charge us $14.95 for the service. That $14.95 will be charged back to you - Please make sure you put in your correct address! If the delivery is delayed due to you putting in the wrong address, the guarantee is void.

Shipping to an Apartment

FedEx will deliver your package to an Apartment. However, they will not leave the package at the front door of an Apartment if you are not there. If you make an order and have shipped to an Apartment, it is your responsibility to be home when FedEx makes their delivery. If you cannot be home, have the shipment sent to your place of employment or a friend's house. We will not guarantee shipments where FedEx makes an attempt to deliver to an Apartment and no one is home. Consider shipping your Insects to a FedEx Ship Center, if you select FedEx Express Services Only (2 Day Air, Standard Overnight and Priority Overnight)