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Flightless Fruit Fly Culture - Drosophia hydei

The Drosophila Hydei is the larger species of the flightless fruit flies. Typically being 1/8" which is very similar in size to a week old cricket. This prolific breeder makes a great feeder for all small reptiles, amphibians and more!

Cultures are aged between 1-7 Days old.

A staple food for a large variety of smaller animals. For example, Dart Frogs, Baby Chameleons, Baby Geckos, Spiders and Betta Fish Love them!

Keep your culture at a comfortable room temperature, ideally around the 75°F range.Remember, the colder it is, the slower the production of flies will be. If you require fewer flies, try to keep the culture at a cooler temperature.

About 80° F is ideal for maximum fly production, try not to let the temperature fall below 60 - 65° F.

The culture will continue to produce new flies for around 4 weeks. Maximum production occurs during the first two weeks and slows down from there.

Do not put the culture in the sun or expose it to fumes of any kind. Remember the flies hatch daily so make sure to feed off fruit flies regularly.The less you feed off the more food will be eaten and your culture will not last as long as possible.


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