Superworm Fraz Fertilizer 5 Lbs.

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The process of growing the millions of Superworms that we sell creates a whole bunch of nutrient rich Fraz.  Fraz is know as the processed waste of the worm.  Fraz is  sometimes know as castings.

The Organic Community is constantly looking for an alternative to chemical based fertilizer.  The Superworm Fraz is one great alternative.

We use it on indoor plants and our garden in the summer with excellent results.

Try a bag and see for yourself!

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by on September 4, 2015

This stuff is Absolutely Excellent !!! I must admit that I haven't purchased it from Georgia Crickets, but the 2000 superworms that I purchased from, them made the exact same stuff. I just got those dried bricks of rough soil from Petco, put them in a fishtank with the superworms, and a coupke of months later I had Beautiful mulch (aka Fraz) that I used to repot all of my plants ! These superworms make Absolutely Amazing and Beautiful soil, I could see at a glance that it's the most nutrient rich dirt I've ever used. My plants are fourishing !! I'm certain that there aren't many people that want a fishtank of worms in their house, but because I have 2 Bearded Dragons, it's worth it to me to keep their food handy. For the rest of you, Georgia Crickets sells this Fraz that you will absolutely Love !!

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by on March 5, 2016

raise them to feed your feathered friends and you will have a steady supply of it ..

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